Scraps, they fill my waking thoughts


The Great Scrap Cutting event is still going strong this is about week 2 I suppose, maybe week one, I don’t know.  I woke up and cut a few errant fabric pieces into submission.  Half square triangles to be exact, using the ScrapMaster Ruler by Judy Hopkins.

I left the studio today and literally shoved a few scraps into my purse, priority scraps, that had the gall to offend my clean space by being conspicuously out of place from the other scraps.  They will be ironed and cut and added to the other happy stash of orderly scraps, (Yeah, I know, a little kooky here, but this is why I’m striving to get it under control!)

And yes, I have a FULL bag of fabric I am donating tomorrow, it is fabric that rankles my (Insert noun here) and leaves me with a sense of nautia.  This includeds a lime green non cotton that was bought for Holiday Table skirts, yeah.

Back to the Scraps:  While having my very early morning coffee and beginning to wiggle out a few triangles from the scrap pile, I started to think about the box of Thangles I have, like I have like 50 packs of leftover inventory from my old online-shop that only sold 1 single, solitary, individual, lonely piece of fabric out of an entire year online.  I sure hope that’s not languishing somewhere in a scrap pile!  The futility of it all.

So I have begun to second guess and doubt my original intention or decision, which is to use this ScrapMaster ruler and cut my entire stash into half square triangles.  Well, at first I thought it was half squares and also squares, then I wised up to the fact that it was all supposed to end up as half square triangles. So I started telling myself, well, maybe I don’t want all triangles, maybe I want rectangles and four patches and (Insert block shape here) but No.  I have an inner urge to reshape scrap pile and it is I and the scrap Master ruler!  I don’t care if I end up sewing triangles until I’m in the late stages of dementia, I have a plan and I’m a gonna stick to it. (ForNow)  

Part of the background of my “lit a fire under my scrap pile’s butt organization  plan is the fact that I hurt my wrist last fall and couldn’t cut a single thing with my rotary cutter, so I thought, h’mm I should cut a few quilts up in advance.

as I began getting sick and tired of the eye sore that is my current scrap system, ie, boxes stuffed to overflowing with wrinklled fabric, I began searching for the cure, then the fixed marriage idea was born, Half square triangles, meet my stash, stash, meet the half square triangle.

Now you feathered star people hold your hats, because I”m planning of doing a few of those so don’t set your eyes on my stash just yet!!!!, but I am sure I can share at some point in time,

I am also wondering if I will be able to manage the new scraps I create in the meantime, because like already this week, I”m making a huge stack of flannel leftovers from this wonky 9-patch with inserted strips that I’m making, in pretty good time I might add,

So, that being said, I am going back into the parlor to cut some more, because truth be told, I enjoy making the  little useless strips into those darling little squares, knowing full well, that I’ll have to be on double doses of Advil and (Insert prescription of chioce here) in order to actual sew those tiniest ones into something other than a match book cover.  There are probably a thousand patterns for quilts that require scraps of squares, so I”d thought of organizing anything over 10 inches into that arena, it’s just too much to filter, I am going to filter it all through the lens of the half-square triangle, get busy, make it happen and be grateful for the gift of eyesight, working hands, fresh rotary blades and sewing machine oil.  If I want to get real funky later, I can applique something to my half square triangle scrap quilts, in the border, how about tacos?  On the Border, Tacos, it is lunch time here in the Great State of Texas … until I blog again, have a happy day if at all possible, there is only one today.


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